WARNING: Each “Rite of Passage” Program Is Limited To Only 5 People Per Group

Rite of Passage

“make or break”

for ambitious men committed to making 2020 the year they FINALLY go big, grab life by the balls and live the life they always knew was possible…

What’s the biggest difference between a man who strides through life with ease, grace and confidence – having his choice of beautiful women at his beck-and-call…

…and a man who continually sells himself short, watches opportunities and women pass him by, as yet, another year fades away into disappointment, frustration and unrealized potential?


…they sat behind their computer screens all day, studying how to put all the pieces to the puzzle of game together.

— You’d be wrong.

…they logged more hours than you, analyzing video clips of infields and listening to game goo-roos giving mind-blowing lectures.

— You’d be wrong.

And, If You Guessed...

…that they went out. Hit the streets, bars and clubs. And, occasionally (or even semi-consistently) opened a few sets and pulled a handful of girls.

— You’d still be wrong.

Cause here’s the deal!

You have more game knowledge at your fingertips than any other generation.

…thousands of Facebook groups, Whatsapp team chats and meetup communities

…hundreds of routines and canned openers.

…dozens of infields, lectures, free-tours and boot camps.

A quick search shows tons of groups with over tens-of-thousands of men spread out among them. Thousands of men jacked up that now – NOW! – they will be able to crack the code of meeting and seducing beautiful women.

Yet how many of these men ever become super successful?

How many of them have developed deep, unshakeable confidence that lasts day-in and day-out?


5? 10? 20?

And it’s NOT because those other methods don’t work or the teachers are wrong. It’s just that they’re… Incomplete.

You see…

Most of us go through life waiting for “it” to happen. For “it” to finally click. To wake up one day and have all of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. But it doesn’t happen that way. Does it?

OF COURSE NOT. No matter how many times you go out or the number of girls you pull…

…it’s a constant rollercoaster of being “on,” and then, of being “off.”

An ever-shifting floor of confidence and skills, followed by doubt and frustration. You feign confidence that you actually know what you are doing and are just a few “insights” away from a major breakthrough.

But on the inside, you experience a different story. You are always helplessly trying to pacify a pitch-fork wielding mob of inner voices screaming: Was last week a fluke? Can I do it again? …Am I good enough or, should I just quit now while my ego is still intact?

You may be wondering… How do I know this so well? Well, because I too was there.

I asked myself the same questions. I had the same inner dialogue.


Because that sense of frustration comes from wanting more. Those seeds of doubt are an untapped resource that one day will flourish into unshakable confidence. What you are experiencing now – even though it’s uncomfortable – holds the key to living life on your terms.

You Are Perfectly Poised To Start Throwing Chips On The Table With Confidence.

Isn’t it time you started receiving some damn payoff?

You’ve already taken multiple steps towards improving your life and increasing your selection with women. That’s a victory of a kind. You may not be knocking it outta the park. But you’ve stepped up, tried new things and are still here to talk about it.

The best part about your experiences – is that you have tasted what it will be like one day to blast out of what holds you back. It’s not that you expect NEVER to experience fear, pain or doubt again.

It’s just that… when you do… you know that you are capable of looking at that roadblock and giving it a little smile.

It’s just that… when you do… you know that you are capable of looking at that roadblock and giving it a little smile.

Because you know that once you break beyond those limitations, on the other side, awaits TRUE SELECTION.

When you want a choice piece of ass…
…you will go get one.

And, when you decide to keep a choice piece of ass around (for a little while)…

…you will keep it around.

That type of confidence is what gives uncommon men a life most men miss out on. They are the ones who have tasted all the flavors life has to offer. Personality. Body type. Exotic locales.

True selection. True experiences.

And the best part?

You are fully capable of in a matter of weeks, discarding the “wallflower life” once-and-for-all and finding out just how easy it is, that if you stretch yourself just a little bit, you will stride through what’s holding you back.

But before we go into how to accomplish this feat, there are a couple of myths that need to be kicked the f*&K outta here…

4 Myths That Have No Business Being Inside Your Head

Myth #1



Name a man whose life and achievements are beyond the norm, and I will show you a mentor or a team of mentors. Richard Branson of Virgin Mobile asked Sir Freddie Laker to help him get his airline, Virgin Atlantic, off of the ground. Famous American author Henry David Thoreau received guidance from Ralph Waldo Emerson, another notable American author. Donald Trump’s childhood pastor was Norman Vincent Peale. Do you know who Norman Vincent Peale was?

He was the Godfather of the positive thinking movement. The “you are what you think you are” genre. Do ya think that has something to do with Trump’s ability to blast through anything thrown his way? (So far, anyway.) Of course, it does.

But there is something more ancient going on here. This truth is deeply encoded in our DNA and the mythological stories we tell ourselves.

You’ll find it in every single hero’s journey myth: King Arthur had Merlin, Luke Skywalker had Yoda and Obi-Wan, Frodo and Sam had Gandalf.

The list goes on and on and on. All you have to do is look at the stories we tell ourselves.

Myth #2



I’ve seen just about every kind of guy there is slay it with women.

If you saw some of the dudes I’ve seen snag some of the women out there, you would think they were using magic.

Tall. Short. It doesn’t matter.

Your ethnicity. Your background. Your job.

None. of. it. matters.

It’s an EXCUSE not to step up and get what you want.

And, let me tell you a dirty little secret about this kind of thinking.

The type of person that uses this excuse with women never stops using it.

You will always find someone with “more” than you.

More money. Finer clothes. Access to greater resources.

If someone wants to find an excuse, they will.

Whatever your situation, your focus SHOULD be on being unstoppable on the inside.

Myth #3


This one is a big one right here!

Get over this, and the world is yours.

Most men have unrealistic expectations about what it takes to get where you want to go. They think just because they’ve tried before and failed that they weren’t meant to have the finer things in life.

But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Thomas Edison’s teachers LITERALLY told him he was stupid. (Yeah, it looks like the education system sucked then too!) Yeah, the same Thomas Edison who ended up with 1,093 patents to his name.

He had over 1000 failed experiments, but we don’t hear about every single time he tried and was unsuccessful. All we hear is the success of the light bulb, the ingenious revolution he brought to society.

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers. You will fail, you will lose, you will embarrass yourself, and you will suck, there is no doubt about it.

But the right mental frameworks have you embracing and smiling at roadblocks. Not running home and crying.

Myth #4



You don’t have time.

Snap your fingers, and one day you will wake up 10-years older.

Where will you be?

What will you have accomplished?

What conquests will you have enjoyed?

If you don’t address this now, it usually means you won’t solve this problem in other areas of your life.

If you settle here, with women, what is going to stop you from settling everywhere else in your life?

There is nothing worse than being forced to settle.

I know I’m being a bit harsh. But you will thank me for it

Live now!


The Art Of Seduction



Here’s the deal, when I think back to when everything “clicked” for me, it was when I teamed up with a mentor.


And, it changed in a matter of weeks. Before then, I spent a lot of wasted time and lonely nights at the club.

I’d go in. Grab water. Use the bathroom. Come out and grab another water before trudging off alone and defeated. Even when I met wings and gained more skill, I was inconsistent. Hot one night, cold the next.

I spent years working at game and trying to land beautiful women. Don’t get me wrong…

I did improve. But there is must faster way that doesn’t take years of blood, sweat and toil. Once I sought out a “professional,” and he took me under his wing, I learned in two weeks more than I had learned in two years.

I was able to absorb his vibe. See how he interacted when he wasn’t trying to pick-up women.

Only when around my mentor was I able to pick up on the super subtle nuances of what he was doing and make them mine!

My only regret? That I hadn't done this sooner. I wasted so much time.

The older I’ve become, the more I’ve studied other cultures (ancient & modern) and other ways living life. Initiations were very common in our early history. Some cultures, around the world, still use them today. These “Rites of Passage” took the young men of the society and put them through a short, but trying, ordeal.

The purpose of these rituals was to turn a young person into a fully-fledged man. And, to do it in a very short time. (I believe the average age was 14 years old. Could you imagine if we still had initiation rituals today?)

Unfortunately, our society has decided to do away with these traditions. But the TRUTH is… We still need them. Desperately. Maybe our society doesn’t want us to have them. (I honestly can’t say.)

But everyone who masters a particular skill in life – whether it’s in athletics, business, finances, music – has a coach or mentor who works with them.

Can you learn all of these things (including game) on your own?

Of course, you can. But why would you take the long and hard road?



When you FINALLY master the ability to confidently attract women, everything changes.

When you FINALLY have rockstar-level confidence that comes from knowing what you are doing rather than guessing, you can go any social situation, anywhere in the world – make new friends and have a gorgeous woman to keep you company.

This also means:

  • Escaping the cycle of constant rejections and blowouts and leaving the club alone every single night when you go out.
  • Having a fulfilling and satisfying dating life with intense, passionate sex (and giving a girl multiple screaming orgasms that wake up your neighbors).
  • Finding the perfect girlfriend you connect with on every level, who sees you for who you really are.
  • Finally blasting through the internal barriers that make you feel like you’re “not good enough” or not worthy of the girls you want.


You don’t want to feel powerless over one of the most critical areas of your life.

You also can’t afford to wait years for this all to come together for you.

Or worse… Spend years trying to figure it out on your own, only to realize you have wasted some of your prime years.

Now, you no longer have to.

Why There's No Better Team To Help You Meet & Seduce The Women You've Always Wanted

A cumulative two decades of experience with mastering “The Art of Seduction,” Markus and Alex help men transform themselves into the kind of men who effortlessly, meet, sleep, and keep high-quality women in their lives.

Using proven psychological strategies to create attraction, deep connections and, influence over attractive women, we help you learn the skill of going from seeing a stunning woman to having her as part of your life.

Believing in a holistic philosophy, they work with you to develop the verbal social skills, as well as, who you are at your very core. When you develop your a rock solid, masculine core, you supercharge your “game.”

But, more importantly, you become the kind of man who commands attention, respect and admiration in any room.


Co-Founder, Executive Coach

Obsessed with human psychology and constantly innovating new ways of building deep attraction with women, Alex has burst out of nowhere to become one of the highest esteemed coaches in the world.

A true world traveler, he has studied countless personal development books, aligned himself with world-renowned mentors, and has developed a system for students to achieve success in the most efficient way possible.

His ability to demonstrate how to find and attract your ideal girl is absolutely astounding and something his students rave about for months after meeting him. A real super talent of “game.”


Co-Founder, Executive Coach

Markus’ deep understanding of female psychology and the ability to build deep lasting connections in a very short time has quickly made him known as THE dating coach.

His students are seldom anything but amazed with his incredible ability to control and dictate any social interaction effortlessly as he gracefully engineers any social situation as if he was born to do it.

He has been coaching men to find their purpose in life through dating and meeting woman they genuinely connect with and is now putting 100% of his focus on transferring his unique social skills on to other men.



To the uninitiated, David Swift’s text game looks like pure magic.

What they don’t realize is that he’s hacked girls programming with cheat codes of persuasion. Not only does his text game get him noticed, but it keeps women obsessing over him – ready to come over at 4 am. (Ever had the late-night urge to text over a nice piece of ass? David Switft will show you how to get them knocking on your front door.)

What David teaches you will make what you’ve been doing before look prehistoric. Barbaric Even!

And, as a special bonus – exclusive only to the 14-Day Rite Of Passage Program – David Swift joins Markus & Alex to show you step-by-step how to pull off superhero type sh*t first-hand asyou go out at night… Bending girls to your will.



14 Day Rite of Passage Residential Program

The 14 Day Rite of Passage is the first program fully engineered to speed up your execution and amplify your results no matter what level you are currently at with your game.

It’s built to be the TURNING POINT in your evolution. No more up’s and downs. No more months or years of slow growth. Our program is built to help you nail down your game in the quickest amount of time possible.

In the program, we live and game with you for 14 days straight and teach you EVERYTHING we know about meeting and attracting hundreds of the hottest girls from all around the world. This is the total immersion and initiation that has been missing from your life. You’ll immediately be initiated into the mindsets and methods unique to UMP.

From this new place of clarity, you’ll be empowered to start thinking differently about your life. With a sense of purpose and power, you will be more precise with who you want to be and who you want to be with. You’ll find yourself confidently asking: What type of women do I want in my life? What do I wish to accomplish?

But, this time, you will start confidently answering these questions and moving in the direction you have always known was buried inside of you.

13 Ways Rite Of Passage Gives You Master's Level Savvy Over Seduction

  • The complete step-by-step blueprint we use to meet the hottest girls in the club, spark instant attraction, generate ungodly amounts of investment and compliance and take these girls home again and again and again (these are crazy game hacks that absolutely anyone can learn and apply).
  • How to flip every rejection you'll ever get into your best set with our unique “Contingency Plan Routines” (NOTE: we didn’t want to let this secret out… But we had to after we kept getting countless DM’s asking for this).
  • The secret to AMOGGING tactics we’ve developed to be able to speak to any girl - even if she is with a guy, without ever getting into physical altercations. (Even if you're from Sydney, Jersey or other typically 'rowdy' areas.) We're using a completely unique and 100% original psychological compliance loop that makes guys qualify themselves and become HIGHLY reactive to you so that the girls leave them instantly. And the best part is: The more "alpha" and "dominant" the guy is - the better it works! This is how our students have gone home with girls even after 6’5 tall German police officers, bodybuilders, criminals and even NIGHTCLUB OWNERS IN SYDNEY have tried getting in their way!
  • How to use being short, ugly, or a minority to your ADVANTAGE and get complete revenge on privileged, good looking guys who think they can steal your girl from you.
  • Learn to be congruent with the person you want to be. Develop life skills that allow you to take everything you deserve from life and more! You will have the skills to set your boundaries and dominate your work and social life.
  • Learn how to game in ANY environment without looking like a sleaze or a try hard PUA. The more you frequent the same clubs, the higher your value in that environment becomes. Also, places like school and the workplace become a playground for you to have fun with using your new tools. That is, either to meet girls, to network or to get a promotion/better grades thanks to the UNIVERSAL TOOLS OF SOCIAL INFLUENCE that we teach.
  • The special “6th Sense Game” technique that lets us spot the most compatible girls in the club before even speaking to them. This is how Alex manages to have such a huge success with every girl he decides to meet!
  • Make girls comfortable in expressing their sexuality openly to you in the club. You will have girls talking dirty to you and feeling open to spending the night with you (this is THE craziest shit anyone's ever discovered in game, and we’re giving it all away to you during this event).
  • How to read body language like a superhuman. This is telepathic levels of social awareness and empathy. This means you can navigate complex emotional situations with ease and always come out on top. Things like shit tests, amogging and pulling objections become so easy that you start to provoke it because it becomes so fun and so easy to deal with. It's so funny to do it's become a "party trick" within the UMP program where we all run around triggering shit tests just to flip it around with extremely high-level emotional frame control, and it all stems from this mutant level of body language reading.
  • How to always have something funny, charismatic and perfectly calibrated as a response to anything that happens in game.
  • How logical thinking and being reasonable is fucking up your success with women (+ an ACTUAL magic pill to once and for all fix all of this and turn you into an emotional thinking alpha male #LindbergLogic).
  • Learn to be mentally free and sexually expressive in a way that rids you of any sexual shame and guilt in a way that will satisfy women like you could have never imagined.
  • Get women to CHASE YOU. Our principles and techniques are designed to get girls WANTING you. It will look so natural in the club with girls following you around and wanting to go home with you.


Exciting? Sure.
Liberating? Fuck yeah.


Here's What You Get
With This Game-Changing Training

A weekend bootcamp by other companies can cost up to $3,000. Our Rite of Passage program is 5x as long with 5x more time with our students! $3,000 x 5=$15,000 Value Accommodation =$2,000 Value Student Hot-Seat =$1000 Value Living with us and learning by osmosis =Invaluable Live endgame coaching =Invaluable and UNIQUE to a UMP program Sex Coaching Workshop =$2,000 Total Value: $20,500 + 2 Invaluable features

But in to make this shit a truly FULLY-EQUIPPED men’s retreat, we thought we’d add some special bonuses:

UMP Book

Exclusive Bonus 1

UMP Book – The Ultimate Man: A Guide To Meeting And Attracting Women.
A 300 page comprehensive product that explains UMP’s full & optimized Open-To-Close structure and concepts.




Exclusive Bonus 2

3 Months Ultimate Man Project Mastermind Membership where you have 24/7 access to the world’s best game and text coaches.



Exclusive Bonus 3

Tinder photoshoot for your online dating profile so you can put your new elite level texting to use.



TOTAL VALUE: $21,006

You Pay: $6,750 USD


How are we able to teach all of this in just two weeks?
– Simple, really.

We’ve developed the most intense and effective learning environment possible. We’ve created a curriculum and coaching style that optimizes the way that the brain works and make it EASY for you to soak up all this knowledge in the shortest time as humanly possible.

Here’s a warning though, this program may not be for you. And here’s why:


It’s hours of 100% hyper-focused effort and concentration per day for 14 days straight.

Most guys are sleep deprived by the end of the program they are struggling physically to keep going. That’s how intense we push you. This is the PUA version of Navy SEAL’s infamous “Hell Week.” You’ll be pushed so hard that large group sets with big, aggressive-looking guys will be like breakfast for you.

You’re going to be desensitized to ALL social pressure (without doing weird clown shit, by the way, it’s done only through legit, REAL, action taking. The way it’s supposed to be done.)

And, you’ll also learn every single thing you’ll ever need in game. Frame control, storytelling, amogging, advanced teasing and flirting, challenging, opening mixed sets, daygame, and more.

To fix ALL of this, we have to be extreeeemely tough on you. And we are. If you don’t like to be pushed intensely, then this will be too much of a shock for you. It is for this reason that you’re required to book a screening call where we’ll make an assessment to see if you’re tough enough for these programs. This requires a work ethic and killer motivation. You must have both.