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A cumulative two decades of experience with mastering “The Art of Seduction”, the three head coaches of UMP help men transform themselves into the kind of men who effortlessly, meet, sleep, and keep high quality women in their lives.
Using proven psychological strategies to create attraction, deep connections and influence over attractive women we help you learn the skill of going from seeing a stunning woman to having her part of your life.
Believing in a holistic philosophy we work with you on developing both the verbal social skills as well as working on who you are at your very core and develop your masculinity to supercharge your “game” so that you become the kind of man who commands attention, respect and admiration in any room.
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Mastermind Membership


With hundreds, even thousands of Facebook groups, Whatsapp team chats and even Meetup communities its hard to really get any value from large mastermind groups and even harder to give value because there are so many unqualified opinions by people who are usually not even taking action.

This is where all of that changes. Your search is over. The Ultimate Man Project Mastermind Group is a group that gives real value to its members, daily. The members of the group have been vetted and are all action takers looking to improve their dating life and personal development. All sharing real stories of success and failure for reflection, discussion and education.

The greatest value for money mastermind group in the industry is now opening its doors to new members as we quickly meet the demand for the group and filter who can join the group.

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"Pierre's bread & butter is the subject of game"

"What I learned from him was amazing. Basically Pierre's bread & butter is the subject of game that has a powerful effect on women - he calls it The Investment-Compliance Loops. In summary, he preaches that whoever invests less in a relationship, is the one that controls the most. This was a revelation for me - not only did it improve my consistency in hooking up with girls, but also gave me ability to keep them for the long run. Pierre's teachings are amazing in that you don't have to follow a set of specific routines but rather just understand by heart the main principles of & then you can improvise from there. The things that he taught me are basically now one of my foundations in game.
Overall, he is a great coach - very knowledgeable in game theories, cares a lot for his students, his teachings are easy to understand by heart, & best of all, he's optimistic & encouraging to keep you always fired up to game.
Overall, he is highly recommended by me."

- Lodi

Meet The Team

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Pierre De Sousa

Co-Founder & Executive Coach

Known as the "Phil Jackson" of pickup, Pierre is known for having mentored many of the most elite guys in the community. Coming from a childhood filled with drugs, violence and emotional trauma. Later on, living without his family, he was severely bullied all through high school and developed extreme social anxiety on top of an already adverse emotional and psychological state.

Finding the 'pickup' community at age 16, now, 12 years later, he's known for soul-destroying work ethic and passion for helping others, and as a result of coming from such a low point himself is an expert at bringing other "hard cases" out of their misery and into a position of power in their own dating lives and becoming confident, grounded men with total control over their social lives.

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Markus Wolf

Co-Founder & Executive Coach

Markus' deep understanding of female psychology and ability to build deep lasting connections with woman in a very short time has quickly made him known as THE dating coach in Australia.

Rapidly growing his audience in Europe and America people are seldom anything but amazed with his incredible ability to control and dictate any social interaction effortlessly as he gracefully engineers any social situation as if he was born to do it.

He has been coaching men to find their purpose in life through dating and meeting woman they truly connect with and is now putting 100% of his focus on transferring his unprecedented social skills on to other men.

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Alex Lindberg

Co-Founder & Executive Coach

Being obsessed about psychology and constantly innovating new ways of effectively building deep attraction with women out of nowhere he's slowly becoming one of the highest esteemed coaches in the world despite only being 23 years of age.

His ability to demonstrate how to find and attract your ideal girl is absolutely astounding and something his students rave about for months after meeting him.

A true super talent of "game".

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