Pay After Program

At the end of program when you are satisfied with your growth and results you can choose to pay for the program over a period of time in monthly instalments.

As you can see above, students are more than happy, and this is why we’re offering this insane guarantee in the first place. Apart from the testimonials above, when we ask our students about what they think about the programs they usually say things like:

Our simple technical game structure makes it easy to learn 10X faster than shooting in the dark and guessing your way into dating with “natural game”...

Our psychological breakdown gives you a superior understanding of how to meet woman- even if using a more ‘natural game’ style, it becomes smoother thanks to the understanding of psychology we provide you with.

The fact that our program is based around the principle of having girls chase you, it allows you to game in ANY environment. Without looking like a sleaze or a try hard pua. The more you frequent the same clubs, the higher your value in that environment becomes. Also, workplace/school etc becomes a playground for you to have fun with your new tools. That is, either to meet girls, to network or to get a promotion/better grades thanks to the UNIVERSAL TOOLS OF SOCIAL INFLUENCE that we teach.

Our extensive demonstrations on program all follow a CLEAR pattern which allows you to really ‘get it’. Due to the recognition of these patterns it helps you see more and more nuances and deeper layers of game for every approach you watch. Which, during the course of the program, will help you implement and internalize these concepts with ease.

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Markus Wolf

Executive Coach

About The Program

A 14 day residential program with over 150 hour of intense, live coaching designed to change you deeply at your core.

This program is created as a result of years and years of coaching and trying to find out what the "ultimate", one-stop-shop, program would look like. Complete with deep inner game work, vicious outer game tweaking & sex coaching so advanced it makes 50 Shades of Grey look like something you'd read on a Sunday sermon.

This program also contains the craziest "success guarantee" in the industry. Arguably the most how high program in the industry, it usually has a waiting period of up to 6 to 7 months and require all students to go through a rigorous screening process before being invited to enrol into program.

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Pierre De Sousa

Executive Coach

Thanks to actually LIVING WITH US you get to absorb our vibe and see how we act behind the camera and outside the club and how all areas of life has an impact on your ability to meet women. This gives you an understanding how we chill and just ”vibe” amongst ourselves and our non-pua friends which gives you the opportunity to pick up on super subtle nuances, understand true storytelling and see how we work real social circles.

Another benefit of living with us is that you see us running after parties, making the vibe sexual and non-judgemental, as well as showing you how to make LMR a comfortable process.

...and we’ll also coach you through LMR by teaching you our secret Hot’n’Cold LMR sequence if you didn’t execute the infamous Yoda Sequence (that you’ll also learn) correctly.

Another thing that apparently no other company offers is a proper physical handbook of all their teachings. We give students a massive PHYSICAL COMPENDIUM of everything they learn. During the week we have daily lectures and classes, and the students DO NOT NEED TO TAKE NOTES, because it’s all in the book. Instead, you can just listen and pay attention throughout and still have everything written for future reference. It’s divided into clear segments so that every class follows the structure of the book. Mindsets, beliefs, state, technical game from open to close, and even sex and future relationship mastery. So that after program you can keep referring back to this as you progress and improve. This means that you don’t forget this stuff even if you take a 3-4 month break at some point in the future.

But as if that wasn’t enough, we also record all the theory sessions and give you access to them, so you can keep doing the residential at home on your own, over and over again via a secret online alumni platform that’s designed to help you keep running the residential on yourself, over and over again, until you’re as good as you want to be (sky’s the limit here).

We also provide unique and highly powerful drills and role plays that will cement every single theory session, which you SHOULD keep doing after program. That way, you really CAN run your own residential with your wings, over and over again, and experience the same kind of hyper explosive ascension to elite level game that Markus, Lindberg, Ciel, etc etc have had from these teachings.

Special 'Wing-Nights'

Thanks to running the most efficient and in-depth program on the market today we have the opportunity to offer something completely unique. A total wing night. This hasn’t been possible before because if you only go out for a few hours, for 8-9 sessions max (which is double what every other company offers anyway), no one wants to go out and just ‘wing’ with a coach if all you get is 5-8 sessions. You want coaching, that’s what you paid for. But, thanks to doing upwards of 18 coaching sessions (daygame + nightgame for 14 days straight), we have the opportunity to run entire nights of just PURE winging. People say that these nights are in fact what gives the MOST value because they get to be in set with us, while we are properly warmed up and KILLING IT. They see us deal with shit tests, amogs, pulling, etc. You get to be there first hand and watch world class game, live, in the middle of the action and truly feel our vibe and how we deal with impossible situations. However, this wouldn’t be that valuable if you came on a 5-8 day program. But after spending day after day after day after day, just approaching, learning and getting feedback your brain will have SOOO much new input that you’ll:

1) Need a break


2), Will benefit immensely from just observing and gaming WITH us instead.

The subtle mannerisms will become so obvious to you around day 8-9 that winging with someone like Lindberg will blow your mind, you’ll see everything put into action, in real-time, while also pulling WITH HIM and closing the deal at home together (do I have to tell you what kind of extracurricular coaching will happen then…?)

Alright, so here’s how it all works:

You apply for a screening call.

To apply you’ll need to fill out a form, basically telling us why you want this and why we should screen you in the first place. If successful:

Get on a screening call. 45-60 minute interview. If successful:

25% deposit can be paid to secure your spot.

This is not a normal “Pickup” coaching program.

This is a team of fucking Avengers coming together to give you the ultimate program to transform you, inside-and-out, in the space of the two most intense weeks of your entire life.

You will be looking back at these three weeks as the major turning point in your life.

Imagine being 50 years old, looking back at this.

Sitting there with amazing friends, a gorgeous wife, or three, having kids and grandkids running around.

Everyone looking at you as the most in-control, stable and charismatic man they’ve ever met.

A true pillar in your family, amongst your friends, and maybe even in your business.

You’ll understand psychology, persuasion, attraction and ‘inner game’ to such a level that you’ll be able to create ANY social situation you’d ever want.

A harem if you will.

And you’ll remember those two weeks of thrill & agony.

Being pushed by us far beyond your limits.

Being broken down and built back up.

Drilled beyond words.

And taught the EXACT art & science behind meeting women, dominating big groups, developing strong boundaries, dealing with other alpha males, and everything else you could possibly need in a social setting.

So right now you’re at what I’d call a crossroads and you have 3 options…

Option 1: Say “nah, I’ll learn this on my own”, be stubborn, and keep doing what you’ve always done (and keep getting the results you’ve always gotten).

Option 2: Say “maybe later”, stall, procrastinate, and not make a decision today, thinking you’ll come back later. And that’s fine, but this offer will definitely have expired by then and we will be booked out 6 months up to a year in advance. In June last year we were booked out for 7 months in advance without anything even close to this offer or this kind of comprehensive program, yet same prices. When these 14 days offer ends we won’t just be booked out 6-12 months in advance, but the price will *at least* double and the guarantee might not even be around anymore.

Option 3: Decide to do something that contains no other risk than the fear of finding out whether you’re actually good enough to learn this or not. No money paid upfront, no responsibility on your end, and no other potential downside whatsoever apart from the fact that you’ll be pushed far beyond your comfort zone and have the most intense experience of your life.

If you do decide to apply for a call, make sure to do so NOW, because we WILL have more people applying than we can supply, and then actual screening calls themselves will ‘run out’ because we don’t like spending too much time sitting in on calls with people, we’d rather focus on the students we have and focus on our product and service excellence.

So to summarise, this is what you get:

21 sessions of intense infield coaching (equivalent to 7 (SEVEN!) regular bootcamps, value of 21,000 US DOLLAR (2Kxbootcamp x 7 bootcamps = 21K)

21 incredibly in-depth lectures, equivalent to 6300 US DOLLAR (300 dollar per lecture x 21= 6300)

Huge compendium with all the information you need as a reference guide you can go back to over and over for as long as you want to keep growing and mastering this game valued at 500 US DOLLAR

Learn how to run after parties and create a comfortable environment for sexualisation, something no other company offers today, invaluable

Spend two entire weeks with some of the best of the best in this community to soak up immensely important unconscious mannerisms through the mere act of osmosis and being around us. Most of all, LIVING WITH US (again, no other company offers to live with you, especially not to this insane student to instructor ratio) invaluable

Total value: 27800 + 2 more invaluable features

But, we sell these programs for just $12,000


For the next 10 people to sign up, we are going to offer this for just $6997 AUD !

There are MANY companies who offer 8-10 day ‘immersive’ programs (that mean no accommodation, no wing nights, no afterparties, no in-person sexualisation coaching, etc etc) for same or more money than this.

However, it will NOT remain at this insane price, especially considering we sold out 7 months in advance at this price for a MUCH less comprehensive program.

But, because I’m absolutely fucking nuts about knocking this program out of the park and giving you the Ultimate Pickup Program, I also decided to convince the boys to let me throw in a couple of bonuses:

Insanity bonuses - (These will not be around forever!)

Insanity Bonus #1:

Our infamous Student HotSeat. On day 1, day 7 & day 14 we will mic YOU up, have a camera man run after you, and record an entire 4 hour coaching session. And then we will turn this into a PRIVATE HOTSEAT OF YOUR OWN INFIELD. Breaking down your subtle mannerisms you can’t see, explaining when you miss a signal that the girl wants to go home, show when your body is subtly signalling that you qualify yourself (extremely common thing that even most advanced students miss, this is KILLING your success), and everything else under the sun. This alone was originally going to be a $2500 program, but we’re throwing this in for free)

Insanity Bonus #2:

4-layers of Game HotSeat: Each hotseat focusing on one layer of game. All hotseat focused on how to go from open to close, but each focused on deeper and deeper nuances of game. Thanks to running such a long and in-depth program we have time to run deeper and deeper layered hotseats to explain the most intricate and complex psychological phenomena of female psychology to give you the most profound understanding of game any teacher in the game today can provide you with. This unique concept of running hotseats combined with my more than 12 years of mad scientist style learning provides you with something absolutely incomparable and your mind will be going into overdrive while processing all this cutting-edge knowledge about psychology and the female biology. Consider this a PhD in female psychology.

Insanity Bonus #3:

Swift text game wizardry. A secret insight with the Text Game God David Swift breaking down his secrets having girls line up outside your door without even leaving the house

This is invaluable plus a professional photo shoot for tinder

Insanity Bonus #4

Fitness and nutrition plan and a free fitness e-book

These 4 bonuses on top of everything else that’s already been included is actually going to fucking ruin me, unless this insane test proves to me nothing but 100% successful beyond fucking belief.

However, I decided to go ahead and make this a fucking no brainer for you so I did something that the boys might not love me for (but you will so I’ll make them agree to do it).

I decided to take 12 THOUSAND DOLLARS of the revenue of this program and spend it on the biggest, baddest, sex coach I know to have him come in and teach how to bang girls like a motherfucking GOD!

3 day Sexuality Workshop with Mr. X. Listen man, I’ve got 12 years in this shit. I’ve slept with hundreds of women and for the past 5 years I’ve focused heavily of sex, tantra, bdsm and everything else to do with sexuality.

Every girl I meet says I’m the best she’s EVER had and girls hit me up years after cutting ties just because they keep obsessing over the sex we had.

I consider myself being among the top 0,00001% of men out there in terms of sex.

I’m sure you’ve heard about “Sex God Method”. I read that 10 years ago, it’s good, but to me, it’s basic.

And STILL, whenever I talk to Mr. X, I feel like an absolute virgin.

The stuff he will teach you during this program makes Sex God Method seem like something you read in church.

It’s so next level I can’t even put it into words.

His workshops go for 5,000 dollars per person, close to the price most people used to pay for this program alone. This program and our program together is worth way over 20,000 dollars.

However I’ve decided to pay him out of my OWN POCKET so that you can get his teaching FOR FREE.

...and I’ll even run the program so that you can bring your own girl to his workshop and he’ll show you how to make her squirt, have full body orgasms, fuck her for hours and remaining in total control over your own ejaculation, and make her SCREEAAAM in orgasms, over, and over, and over again… She, nor any other girl you ever meet after this course, well EVER meet another man who fuck her like you (unless it’s another Rite of Passage graduate, of course…)

But, because we want this program to not just work on your technical game, sex, group dynamics, texting and so on, I decided to throw another 6 thousand dollars on my own personal mental mindset mentor:

Deep Dive with our Residential Mind Magician. This is a guy with over 40’000 hours practicing and mastering NLP, hypnosis, psychotherapy, time line therapy and a bunch of other tools to heal childhood trauma, crush your crippling limiting beliefs and have to finally set completely free to give yourself full permission to do whatever the fuck you want without holding back at all.

(This means you will be able to squeeze out 100% of the juice of the strategies we teach and embody them with 100% congruence instantly).

Message me NOW to apply for screening call

So to summarise, here’s the deal (once more):

Try before you buy: You don’t pay for the program until you have completed it and are happy with your progress.

If you want to pay, decide at what rate. Money isn’t a concern for us, if you’re not making much money, then we’ll come up with a payment plan you’re comfortable with

30,000 dollar value, normally sold at 12,000, but you’re getting this for just $6,997 AUD

Accommodation provided

Total guarantee.

Absolutely ZERO risk, an the most in-depth and intense program on the market today

If you’re still not sure, please take an IQ test.



"Pierre's bread & butter is the subject of game"

"What I learned from him was amazing. Basically Pierre's bread & butter is the subject of game that has a powerful effect on women - he calls it The Investment-Compliance Loops. In summary, he preaches that whoever invests less in a relationship, is the one that controls the most. This was a revelation for me - not only did it improve my consistency in hooking up with girls, but also gave me ability to keep them for the long run. Pierre's teachings are amazing in that you don't have to follow a set of specific routines but rather just understand by heart the main principles of & then you can improvise from there. The things that he taught me are basically now one of my foundations in game.
Overall, he is a great coach - very knowledgeable in game theories, cares a lot for his students, his teachings are easy to understand by heart, & best of all, he's optimistic & encouraging to keep you always fired up to game.
Overall, he is highly recommended by me."

- Lodi