Alcohol; The Real Truth About Getting An Unfair Advantage In The Club
It’s the age old debate, should you drink when you go out.
Does alcohol fix approach anxiety?
Is alcohol ruining your game?
How to tell people you don’t drink?
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The Ultimate Boyfriend Destroyer!
One of the questions I see the most is “What do I say when she tells me she has a boyfriend?”
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Body Language & Female Psychology
Body language + Female psychology = closest thing to mind reading?
This is something that isn’t really spoken about in the community at all.
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How To Hook
The real way to hook girls - every, single, time
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How to turn the tables - Making girls game FOR you: The Ultimate Guide To Wing Girls
If you are after a cheat code to immediately improve your chance of building connections with amazing high-quality woman that you are attracted too, then here is how to do it.
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How to flip an instant blowout into your best approach - every time
So today we're going to talk about something I see everyone mess up.
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The 3 L's of meeting girls that WILL get you laid
If you nail these three you are guaranteed to get laid. Guaranteed.
However, it's not a quick fix. Sorry. Alright, here we go:
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The 3 character traits that will make you irresistible to women
Earlier today I had a great chat with one of our residential students.
He asked me about how to hook girls' attention and how to sexualize conversations effectively.
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3 Body Language Tweaks That Really Works
Hey whatup,
I wrote a short article on relaxing facial muscles a while back and thought I'd give a couple more pointers for the guys who's been implementing those tweaks.
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