3 Body Language Tweaks That Really Works

Hey whatup,

I wrote a short article on relaxing facial muscles a while back and thought I'd give a couple more pointers for the guys who's been implementing those tweaks.

1) Hold your beer/water/drink/etc at your hip. In other words, grab around the rim of the glass with your fingertips and leave your arm hanging by your side.

This comes off much more relaxed than the regular chode pose you see most guys doing.

If you don't know what the chode pose are, you are probably guilty of it yourself.

It's when you hold your beer in front of your chest/stomach.

2) Lift your chin up.

This has several benefits.

One is that you feel more confident and uplifted from doing this, which has obvious benefits for game.

The second is that you look more masculine as your jaw and chin will come across as a lot "stronger"/bigger.

It actually makes a difference, so do this.

3) Speak as if the other person is twice as far away from you, so that your voice really pierces through the other person and projects clearly.

This will make you much more commanding and you'll come across as 10x more confident.

These are some solid beginner tips, but I see a lot of intermediate guys messing this up as well, so I think this should be helpful to a lot of people in here.

It's funny man, every single time I get someone on program I need to fix these things.

People think they are following this but they're not.

Literally 9/10 clients are messing these 3 super basic things up.

So chances are that you are too.

I had a guy on program last month who had been doing game for some time, but with little results.

He had been coached by other people and had been winging with heaps of people in the community.

You'd think that he would've at least figured out how to speak up, right?


Every single guy is too quiet, too "meak", and too stiff.

And after fixing these things he literally transformed.

Of course, he didn't go from having a really REALLY hard time with girls to sleeping with 5 girls/week over night.

But going from having literally ZERO sexual tension - ever, to actually opening girls like a man, having them sticking around and getting some REAL compliance from these girls, is a pretty big change.

During program he pulled once but unfortunately didn't manage to close, and right after program he messaged me and told me that virtually every girl he talked to hooked hard, and he's certain he'll be able to get this down pat finally.

There was obviously a lot more than just these three things I had to teach him, A LOT more, but some of the most significant issues were these simple non-verbal cues he was giving off.

So if you're not happy with your results, I'd recommend investigating what your sub communication is really saying about you.

Are you communicating sex worthy, dominant, alpha male who knows how to fuck her brains out?

Or are you signalling that you're just a regular dude?

Very simple, but very important stuff.