Body Language & Female Psychology

Body language + Female psychology = closest thing to mind reading?

This is something that isn’t really spoken about in the community at all.

Maybe because reading body language isn’t THAT useful in itself.

I mean, it’s obviously cool stuff - but not super practical.

However, combined with a solid understanding of female psychology, it becomes extremely powerful.

It’ll literally allow you to read the girls mind, and deal with all of her concerns accordingly.

It’s something I’ve been focusing on a lot recently, and it has allowed me to pull off some pretty cool stuff. I’ve never seen anyone except David Swift apply it in this way.

First - a quick introduction to body language 101!

There’s a reason why you should always look at a woman’s (or any persons, for that matter) actions rather than their words.

A person's verbal content is produced by their neocortex, which has the ability to lie.

Non-verbal cues are governed by the limbic system, which is extremely honest. It does not lie. And if it does, it will auto-correct and give away those cues in another way, shape or form.

What you want to be looking for is signs of comfort (IOI) and discomfort (IOD).

While signs of comfort (IOI) are good to be aware of, signs of discomfort (IOD) will usually be more relevant to look for.

The limbic responses you wanna be looking for are:

Freeze: Mostly manifested as the girl tensing up.

Flight: Girl shifting her body away from you (feet, torso, hips etc). Avoiding eye contact. Crossed arms.

Fight: You should not be getting these. Not even worth listing.

Obviously - freeze, and especially flight behaviors are gonna be the most common ones. And the list of possible limbic responses is.. very long.

Signs of discomfort are followed up by a pacifying behavior, which serves to calm the person down (fumbling with hands, biting on pencils, or moving closer to a friend for comfort).

If you’re ever unsure if it’s truly a sign of discomfort - the following pacifying behavior will confirm that for you.

Here’s the mental structure/checklist that I use for making accurate body language reads:

* Establish a baseline

* Look for comfort/discomfort + pacifying behaviors

* Locking down their personal favorite pacifier

* Look for deviations from baseline

Example 1)

Student is talking to a girl. I end up talking to her friend

Every time the student tries to escalate, the girl gives him a neutral reaction and looks at her friend.

Since she’s accepting the escalation, you can safely assume that she’s attracted to the student. But she keeps looking over at her friend.

The reason being?

She needs her friends approval of him.

I tell my girl, “[student] and [girl] look really cute together! Right?”

“No”, she says.

I drop her hand and turn my shoulder to her.

I go on my phone and ignore her for almost two full minutes.

To get my attention back, she goes “OK, I guess they’re kind of cute together.”

I’m trading my validation for her approval of the student.

“Good girl. Now tell your friend that.”

She tells her friend in Hungarian that they’re cute together.

The students girl is now very receptive to escalation.

She’s ready.

I tell the student to seed the pull, and they’re instantly down.


When the girl just stands there and receives the escalation with reciprocating, she’s eliciting a limbic response (freeze). Her pacifying behavior is to look at her friend for comfort & seeking approval.

Example 2)

Student enters big groupset.

Talks to the girl he's interested in.

She's giving him attention but not reciprocating anything. She just look at him. Limbic response, freeze.

HOWEVER, one of other girls has her legs crossed, which is a huge sign of comfort since you're not able to run away from a threat when standing like that. She's also slightly leaning towards him.

From this, you could assume that her initial compliance is already high.

You can use her high baseline of compliance to gain approval within the group

I walk up to student, tell him to ask her if "him and his girl are cute together"

She says "omg yes!" (as predicted).

NOW the entire group dynamic changes and everyone leaves student + his girl

Example 3)

Me and David Swift open 2 girls.

They’re being polite, but one of the girls eventually wants to leave. She’s making excuses that they have to go dance or something (I can’t really recall), and tries to pull her friend away.

We call out the fact that she’s trying to cockblock her friend. They move in slightly, but one of the girls starts distancing herself again (flight response). She then moves into her friend for comfort (pacifying behavior).

(Fun fact: 99% of all cockblock attempts will manifest like this. A limbic response (nervous laughter/disinterested body language) + either grabbing her friends hand or "hugging" her (pacifying behavior).

Me and David break down the social dynamics and body language right in front of them.

“Ah, see? She wants to leave. She’s trying to distance herself away from us, but when we call out her behavior she moves back into her friend for comfort. Nice. Classic cockblock behavior."

After we broke down the social dynamics out loud, we challenge them to leave.

Now, two things happened:

1) Challenging them to leave works as reverse psychology. If they walk away now, that means we were right. They don’t want us to be right.

2) They’re kind of impressed and interested.

Eventually, we flip around the entire interaction.

David ends up pulling the girl who didn’t have a boyfriend.

There are countless more examples, but I don’t wanna make this too long.

If you guys found this valuable, I'll write a waaaaayyyyy more in-depth post about this stuff.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think.