The 3 character traits that will make you irresistible to women

Earlier today I had a great chat with one of our residential students.

He asked me about how to hook girls' attention and how to sexualize conversations effectively.

The conversation was long and eventually we ended up discussing what the traits you need to elbody to get laid consistently, and here's what hit me:

A man who has the following three traits will always do amazingly well with women if he just applies a solid technical structure:

Funny, Dominant & Relaxed



The ability to come up with witty remarks and spike emotions at the drop of a hat. This will allow you to not only grab almost any girl's attention but also to be able to sexualize conversations by escalating verbally whilst making them laugh and keeping it playful.

The best way to develop this is the following:

Watch standup and even steal little bits here and there to learn the structure and rhythm of humour.

Write down all jokes and stories you tell that make people laugh, keep working on them and make them better and better.

Eventually you'll have a stock of "routines" that you can deliver whenever you need in case you can't come up with something in the moment, but you'll also start training yourself to understand what's funny and you'll become better and better at freestyling.



This will allow you to not get friend zoned and make women imagine what you'd be like in bed.

Dominance is developed through;

Leading physically

Escalating physically

Escalating verbally

And becoming comfortable with high levels of social pressure.

(There are lots of more specific articles on this in the group)



The ability to stay cool, calm & collected no matter the amount of pressure that's being out on you.

When approaching, escalating, dealing with amogs, pulling and closing, always make a concerted 'effort' at physically relaxing your muscles and not fidgeting/tapping your feet and hands/not moving around unnecessarily.


Pretty basic stuff but these three traits combined make a huge difference and I think it could help a lot of people to see game through the lens of these 3 traits.

Put them together and your results will absolutely improve on a week by week basis.

I always try to come up with new and simpler way of looking at game to make it easier for people to create a cognitive model of how to do it. And I think this little model could be a game changer for some people because it's both easy to follow but also incorporates the biggest behaviors of game.

On top of this you just need to understand compliance momentum and you're all set.