The 3 L's of meeting girls that WILL get you laid

If you nail these three you are guaranteed to get laid. Guaranteed.

However, it's not a quick fix. Sorry. Alright, here we go:

Looks, Leading & Logistics

This is going to ruffle some feathers, but so be it.


Looks matter.



If ANYONE who's selling you 'pickup coaching' is telling you anything but this, then they're lying to you.


This isn't going to be great for business, I should tell you otherwise.

But I'd rather sleep well at night than toss and turn with a few extra dollars in my wallet.

So here goes the sad truth about attracting women:





Magic Mike wasn't played by Jack Black, you think that's a coincidence?


Anything that shows survival value is attractive.

And what is survival value?

Height, symmetry and signs of testosterone & health.

Deep set eyes.

Strong jaw.

High cheek bones.

Deep voice.

Muscular physique.

A healthy tan (esp if you're a naturally pale cunt like me).

Low body fat percentage.

Etc etc.

All of these classic signs of being a 'sexy man' are EXTREMELY attractive to women.

But, they're not *everything*.

Fashion, grooming, going to the gym and BODY LANGUAGE can turn (almost) any guy into an attractive guy who's considered "good looking".

Now, let me just be veeeeery clear.

If you're 5"2, cross-eyed, got burn marks all over your face, and have only one leg, then you will NOT be meeting girls from sheer pickup skills.

I believe anyone can level up many many 'points' from putting in work into:





Social proof

These 5 aspects will make almost any man considered an 8 or above, no matter your genetics (unless you have some extreeeeeeeme disadvantages like what I described above).

However, if you do NOT fix these things then game is going to be haaaard.

And what's even worse is this: They take fucking time to fix too unless you have the money to pay someone to fix your sense of fashion, grooming, sub-communication and ability to create social proof FAST.

Gym however, WILL take time unless you have insane genetics.

But make no mistake about it: Without fixing your looks, don't even bother trying to meet high quality girls AND keeping them around.

>>>>>>Here's exactly how to fix this (longterm play):<<<<<<

1. Gym 4 days/week

2. Strict diet

3. Follow 5-10 fashion IGs that you resonate with and keep working on your fashion (go to HM, Zara, TopMan etc if you're on a tight budget)

4. 'Method Act' cool personalities so you soak up their subcommuncation and vibe.

5. Learn to socialise in a casual way while always locking in, this will make you look like the kind wherever you go and the social proof will start working in your favour.

6. Consider buying The FuckBoy Frame by my brother Tim Ray, it's essentially the ultimate guide on fixing this area of your life. (I have no monetary gain from you buying this, it's a non-profit recommendation on my part.)


Leading, to me, is more than taking a girls hand and leading her around the venue while mindlessly 'escalating' and 'persisting'.

That's the lazy man's version of leading.

Leading, to me, is leading emotionally and psychologically to a dynamic where you are in total control and achieve extreme psychological & emotional dominance.

This is compliance momentum, investment, frame control, using physical escalation only as a reward tool for compliance, etc etc.

Leading is introducing jealousy plotlines, disqualifying the girl to spike compliance only to leverage that to make her jump through an investment hoop, and slowly getting all of her limiting beliefs out of the way to make her 100% comfortable with going home with you so that you don't need to nag and 'manage objections'.

>>>>>>>>Here's exactly how to do it (again, longterm play, you won't learn everything over night):<<<<<<<<<<

1. Write down 5 'easy' questions for a girl to answer.

2. Write down 5 'medium' questions

3. Write down 5 hard questions

4. Write down 5 places to lead the girl to in a night club venue

5. Write down 10 physical 'moves' to use as reward when the agrees/complies to the various "hoops" written down above.

6. Write down an exact line for how to pull the girl home and practice it a lot so you won't stumble when you deliver it.

Use this every night. With rewarding accordingly.

(This is the very foundation of game, building compliance and investment over time. During our residential programs you will get drilled in how to use this concept like a magician to prompt girls into investing like mad within the matter of minutes.)


This is simple.

Living close to a good nightclub/daygame area makes things veeeeeeery simple.

Preferably live with some cool dudes and bring lots of girls for insane after parties.

While leading and being considered 'good looking'.

And then, my friend, the game is fucking easy.

>>>>>Here's exactly how to fix this (longterm play):<<<<<

1. Make some money

2. Move into a sharehouse in the city

3. Rent a god damn wardrobe if you need to

4. done.