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Setting A Frame

If you want to have girls out of your current reality, beyond what you thought was possible..If you want to have girls that others believe are out of your league suddenly attracted and being the one begging to spend more time with you..Then you must learn how to make them chase.

In social interactions, there are always frame games being played. The underlying meaning of the interaction has to be that you’re the prize. Now, most guys understand this and why it’s essential.. But they don’t know how actually to set these frames. The number one thing you must remember is that these girls are trying to do the same with you. These frames that girls set (she’s the prize, guys should chase her, you have to win her over, etc.) are not objective reality.

It’s 100% subjective


The second you buy into her frame, it becomes a reality, and you lost. Game over. Instead, you must take what she said and flip it like a pancake. Here’s the thing with frames..

There are two forms of communication.

Explicit and implied.

Let me give you an example, which I found in a linguistics book.

“Is this salami good?”

“We only sell the best, madam.”

The explicit meaning is the same as the actual sentence

But a couple of assumptions are implied here

* This product is top quality

* Ours is a reliable business

* We are trustworthy

* You should buy here

* Do not buy at the stop around the corner

Explicit communication is logic, and logic kills attraction like a nuclear bomb. Implications are “read between the lines”, and is what’s called emotional communication. Similarly, the salami shop owner communicated all those things about his business; you should communicate to the girl you’re the prize. You don’t say it out loud, but it’s implied in everything you say or do. The more subtle the implication, the more likely the frame is going to be accepted. If you’re creative enough, you can flip ANYTHING to your advantage.

Let’s say a girl is trying to set a specific frame

You then take whatever she says and reframe it as

* Her not being good enough for you

* Her being interested and trying to pursue you (my favourite)

* Her being a little crazy

* Her being socially inept

* Her lacking class

* Her being a little creepy (this is also my favourite)

* Her being a sleazeball

* Her being rude or insensitive

And let me repeat, these ‘reframes’ have to be implied, or they’re 99,99% likely to be resisted. Now, this is going to take some creativity.. But, developing this creativity is what puts the ‘A’ in PUA. Suppose you’re able to get people to buy into your frame. In that case, you’re conveying social dominance, which will spike attraction and, thus, compliance. This is one of the main reasons why Markus Wolf is so damn compelling. And let’s not forget how being the prize will make everything easier for you. If you can make her buy into your frame of being the prize, she WILL chase you.

Simple as that.

Learning this shit was one of my biggest “aha”-moments in the game. Anyone would benefit massively from understanding this. If you properly implement this stuff, your results will skyrocket.

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