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“What are you thinking while opening girls in night game?

Do you have go-to openers that work a high percentage of the time? I find it hard to open in night game. Do a cold read or say something situational, but the set doesn’t hook! Even if it does, I don’t know how to let the interaction run for longer… I don’t have the problem in day game.”

I wanted to answer this question briefly that we couldn’t answer during the Christmas Livestream because this is pretty common lately.

This is what I am thinking: How can I grab her attention? And keep her attention just long enough to ( to move the interaction forward) do or say what I want in the most calibrated way possible. How can I display my value and spike her emotions (emotional roller coaster)? Sexualize. And how quickly can I do those?

Then comes reading her compliance (test compliance) and attraction signals (because this will determine what I do, say, and quickly I move the interaction forward), qualifying, seeding, objection handling, etc…

First of all, I have issues with the way this question was worded. You ask for go-to openers. You also say that you don’t know how to let the interaction run for longer.

The impression I get is that you think simple pickup lines should hook girls, which magically lead to your bedroom. The truth is I don’t have special, magical opening lines that I use on all girls. I, Markus, and Alex may have our lines or ways to open girls. But they aren’t our most commonly used openers because the actual lines are magical. It’s the sub-communication (tonality, facial expressions, body language) we put behind them. And most importantly of all, we know how women will respond. Which means we can smoothly move into whatever routine we want and lead the interaction where we want.

One of the more used ones is “Excuse me, are you from xxx?” — now we can tell a bunch of guys to open with this line. It’ll likely die out very, very quickly, especially if they don’t know how the girl will likely respond, and what he will say next, how he will move the interaction forward. We already know several steps ahead. And because of this, we come across far more confident, and moving the interaction forward (“run for longer”) is smoother and quicker. And with more precision.

While Markus is more likely to dive right into a set, I am more likely to stay back and read the girl, the dynamic, and the situation. This obviously may give me much more information to work with, maybe not in my opener, but definitely within the interaction.

Suppose I can open situationally or with something very relevant to her or the dynamic. In that case, I am going to get creative and open based on that. You will never be very skilled at spontaneously opening girls or creatively opening based on the situation or girl if you’re so focused and worried about which line is most effective. And using that line over and over despite it never working.

For one, the line doesn’t work because of how poorly you’re sub-communicating. I’ve run the tests over the years. I’ve opened with the dumbest, creepiest, weirdest, most random, offensive shit so many damn times and with the right tonality and sub comms (along with a plan; the next couple steps and calibration to move it forward).

One of the issues I had during my journey, and I might add, made me full of anxiety, was running out of things to say. What I did was open on the spot with something relevant (even if it was her clothes or the weather). And when I couldn’t think of shit to say, I would say anything. That didn’t work out very well, and I felt embarrassed.

But when I would do the same training, except say those stupid or random things with absolute conviction and confidence, I got different reactions. I would say things that were not true, but say it as if I 100% believed in it.

Then I would say them in different tonalities. With different facial expressions (I just wrote an article about this), stronger body language, etc… I learned that no matter how stupid or wrong I was (or offensive), I could prolong the interactions and move them forward far better.

I learned that women react primarily to emotions.

That is part of one of my two main things to focus on to hook interactions.

  1. Emotional impact (spiking emotions; emotional rollercoaster – 

sub comms are everything)

  1. Value (DHVing, including sexual value)

You’ll need one of these to hook your interactions. Or both.

Spiking emotions and DHVing alone won’t move the interaction forward on its own (usually) and lead to you getting laid. You still have more game to do. But I am constantly within an interaction thinking about the emotional impact that I’ve made thus far and will need to make (where she is on the emotional rollercoaster) and whether or not I’ve DHV’d or need to DHV more or in different ways.

This is always in my head.

In. Every. Single. Interaction.

The only times that it isn’t is when I instantly have enough attraction and compliance. I am thinking about how to move the interaction forward as quickly as possible to my bedroom.

I’ve seen Alex open and pounce immediately. I am instantly pulling the girl out of the club. I’ve seen him read and identify massive compliance and attraction and act immediately. But of course, this isn’t going to happen so often.

The second part of your question I’d like to address is “I don’t know how to let the interaction run for longer; I don’t have the problem in day game.”

You shouldn’t be worried about ‘letting’ the interaction run longer. What are you doing? Trying to get “investment” and hope she pulls you home? You have to make it happen. Don’t ‘let’ it happen. And your mindset shouldn’t be “how can I make this interaction last long” — it should be how can I open and move this interaction forward at all times.

All interactions eventually die if you aren’t trying to move it forward at all. Even if you have attraction and compliance. You don’t have a problem with this during day game because, for one, the fact that a stranger is approaching a girl and interrupting her routine and dazed state creates an emotional impact and curiosity no matter your opener. It’s also easier to maintain a normal conversation in such low energy, more likely quieter environment where girls are more likely to be polite than very high energy, loud, alcohol-fueled atmosphere where they expect guys to approach (or harass) them. They’ll assume exactly why you opened them. However, during the day, it is a bit more of a mystery. And the most common thing women think is that you are trying to sell them something (because that is who typically tries to stop and talk to them).

Anyway, I didn’t want this post to be too long. But you need to focus on 2 things in your interactions:

  1. Emotional impact
  2. Value (DHVing)

Practice opening without any memorized lines. Practice this A LOT. Not a few opens. Not just one night. Get used to opening spontaneously, being creative and opening based on the situation, the dynamic or specific things about the girl.

Find YOUR own favorite openers. Know how the different ways women typically respond and create your own sequence out of it. Always be moving it forward.

Remember that your tonality, facial expressions, and sub comms will be huge not only in your opener but also in every interaction.“Wait, excuse me, are you from Italy?!” In the most curious tonality and facial expressions. It’s not the question that hooks them emotionally; it is the disbelief, judgment, or surprise in your sub comms that does it. You can replace that sentence with “Wait, excuse me, are you a horse trainer?” And it’ll still work. I can come up with a sequence where I DHV through my Swedish ex-model had three horses… Well, we broke up because of my job. But at least I get travel year-round with a new job… etc

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